"The first buildings you'll get, and one of the most useful!" -Moo
Mapi is the first building you'll get. It has 7 upgrades and is the cheapest building you'll have.

Base Cost 10
Base RpS 1 Dream

1 Bread

Description "A nice , energetic

guy to dream up

some dreams"

First Apperence The Beginning

Upgrades Edit

Name Quantity Price Derscription
Sea-foam Pillows 1 Mapi 100 Dreams "Helps you sleep at night. Mapis are twice as efficient."
Sleepy -Milk Soda 50 Mapi 1,000 Dreams "Made with 100% real milk and Chuckle-berrys. Mapi are twice as efficient."
Cotten-Candy Clouds® Blanket 100 Mapi 10,000 Dreams "May or May, not be made with real Cotton Candy Clouds. Mapi are twice as efficient."
Cloud Matresess 150 Mapi 20,000 Dreams "Really does feel like Clouds!. Mapi are twice as efficient."
Golden Oak Bed Frame 200 Mapi 100,000 Dreams "Made with real Golden Oak Tree Planks. Mapi are twice as efficient."
60ft. Teddy Bears 250 Mapi 230,000 Dreams "More like Teddy Kong. Mapi are twice as efficient."
Creator 75 1,000,000 Dreams "The Creator...of Dreams.Clicking generates 1 more Dreams per Mapi."